Friday, July 1, 2016

I have been super busy with too many things and finally I get a sec to sit down and share some goodies :) Been working on my 3 Michigan bikes, lots of OT for work, and all kinds of summer nonsense. Just gonna do some image dumps right here. (I love a good dump ;P )
First off, the XR is shaping up awesomely. Just finished wrapping that yellowed junk tank with this cool leather, vinyl tank wrap that really churched up the look of the bike with the addition of the black front fender. For some reason out of the blue my LED headlight bar just started working too so WINNING!

Next up I bought a kinda rough (externally) 1982 CB750C, The top pic is the current bike at the moment, but I have (as you can see) been making big plans to see what my strategy will be before I start cutting and throwing parts. Engine wise it is pretty stock with the exception of the pod filters, CB900F cams, and a Dyna electronic ignition and coils. Let me just tell yah SHE IS LOUD!!!! I have two tanks at the moment. Stock 750C tank that looks like it used to be owned by Cole Trickle (super banged up) and this Aluminium Benjie tank. I'm not sure which style I like yet but that cafe tail has to go. I think a brat seat will work just fine so me and the wife can go out for nights on woodward. Honestly the bike really just needs paint and some love. Nothing too hard to take care of

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